Hyper Breaker Turbo

Are you ready for a new game by the creators of Push Panic? Hyper Breaker Turbo is coming your way! A new breakout-like game for your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch! Get ready for some block breaking like never before!

Hyper Breaker Turbo: a new breaker game on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
putting aside the boundaries normal breaker games have. 

See Hyper Breaker Turbo in action!

Check out our Trailer of Hyper Breaker Turbo! So you can get a good impression on what this game is all about!


Besides the classic theme that’s filled with 25 action & arcade packed puzzle levels you also get another 25 levels with a special neon world theme and 25 levels with a scribbly doodle theme! That’s 75 levels in total! Try to get the best score globally and also join the world in getting some global achievements, since Hyper Breaker Turbo also has a Worldwide Blocks Breaked counter that will live update with every block that gets broken globally!


Hyper Breaker Turbo is not just some ordinary breaker game based on a well known classic from the old days, but it’s actually a completely new action puzzle game like you’ve never seen before. Imagine a breaker game with actual multiple screen level design, ‘free’ paddle control which gives very precise control over the ball, realistic physics and more! 


  • A breaker game you’ve never seen before!
  • Three completely different themes, with 25 levels each, that’s 75 levels in total! Andmore themes will arrive in the near future!
  • Easy, intuitive gameplay which contains physics and very precise controls.
  • Full iPhone 5, iPad Retina support!
  • Running on 60 FPS. Smooth gameplay on every device you own!
  • Stunning, colorful graphics. Expect completely different look ‘n feel in all three themes.
  • Packed with leaderboard rankings, achievements & global achievements.
  • Join the world in getting those rare achievements which can only be attained in breaking all blocks in each level.
  • Music and SFX composed bij Martijn Vaassen. Has an ‘oldskool’ feeling to it which brings back those retro feelings you had while playing old breaker games.

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